Gardena Real Estate

    Gardena’s central location makes it simple to do business in Southern California, throughout the United States, or internationally. Just a few of Gardena’s quick-link business “connections”:

    • 15 minutes to Downtown Los Angeles
    • 15 minutes to Los Angeles International Airport
    • 20 minutes to Long Beach Municipal Airport
    • Key location in the Alameda Corridor
    • 20 minutes to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

    Gardena has the distinction of being located in the center of transportation access. It is 20 minutes away from the Los Angeles Airport, which has a major economic impact on Southern California business. In addition, Gardena boasts easy access to every major Los Angeles County Freeway – the 405, 105, 710, the 110 and the Artesia or 91 Freeway. This freedom allows fast and easy access to the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Pedro. The Gardena Municipal Bus Line links with regional bus transportation as well as with Metrolink and Amtrak passenger rail. Freight moves efficiently by truck or over nearby Union Pacific Railroad lines. Gardena will have one of the most envied locations in the west as a key point on the “Golden Triangle” with the completion of the Alameda Corridor project. This construction project will provide truck and rail access to the largest shipping ports on the West Coast.

    Reasonable Business Cost
    Gardena provides services to its business community in a “unique” hometown atmosphere. One of the reasons new businesses are initially attracted to Gardena is because of its reasonable start up cost for business license and utility users tax. However, those low costs do not diminish the professional service that is provided to new business customers. Gardena strives to attract high-quality “wealth-producing” businesses that want to grow and be successful, and who want to form partnerships with the City to create jobs, provide services to the residents, and improve the overall quality of life.

    Gardena’s attractive, family-oriented neighborhoods provide a wide variety of housing options for all residents. 20,000 residential units are available in the City and another 283 single-family units in three new gated communities will become available in the next year. The City has 280 subsidized senior housing units in three senior communities. About one-half of the residential units existing in the City are single family units. The apartments/multi-family housing has very livable densities. About 10% of the housing stock in the City was built in the last 25 years. The majority of the residential neighborhoods are mature with lush landscaping and well maintained buildings and large family-sized yards.

    Community Pride
    Gardena has earned the prestigious designation of “All-America City,” and its ethnic diversity is a quality of which everyone is proud. Community commitment can be seen throughout the city as businesses join with volunteer groups in supporting civic projects and programs.